Punishable By Fine

While waiting for the subway after work this evening, I heard a version of the following announcement being called through the station’s PA system:

Attention riders: Smoking, drinking and eating on Metro buses and trains is punishable by a $250 fine.

Wait, what?  Smoking is being put into the same category of punishment as eating and drinking?  If some dude eats Carl’s Jr. on the purple line, he may be making some bad nutritional choices and would get a serious momming from me if he left his trash on the seat, but dude is hungry.  As long as he is cleaning up after himself, I don’t see the problem.

If someone lights up on the Metro, they are just being a jerk to everyone surrounding them.  Subjecting to people to smoke in a closed, public area without asking everyone if they are cool with having their oxygen being even more tainted (they totally won’t be cool with it) is simply being a jerk.  Carl’s Jr. guy?  Maybe just annoying, at the very most.

I am not a fan of complaining unless the whiner proposes a solution, so here is mine: First, fine people who decide to spark one up on the Metro (isn’t it already illegal to smoke in non-designated areas anyway?).  I’m not opposed to that portion of law.  Second, if someone makes a mess with their food it should be punishable by, oh I don’t know, maybe having them clean up their mess!  Seems logical to me.

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