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Be Careful What You Wish For

As I write this blog entry, I sit in a Bolt Bus from Vegas to LA (more on that later). I became very excited when I realized there were only five other riders on the bus, and none of them young children. I sprawled out across the seat and got comfortable. I was nearly falling […]

BUSted! May Edition

If you’re a frequent visitor here at Hoff the Beaten Path (you really oughta be!), you know I’m a big fan of Scott Schultz’s storytelling series BUSted! True Stories About Getting Around LA by People Who Don’t Drive. Scott features some of the most incredible storytellers in LA sharing stories of their experiences with transit […]

Seeing Purple: Subway Extension to the Westside and Fare Increases

This week has been a big one for transit news in Los Angeles.  There have been announcements for major improvements to the city’s heavy rail system as well as a plan for a three-stage fare increase. Purple Line Extension Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced announced on Wednesday that the purple line extension project is […]

Bike Week LA 2014

Los Angeles has more to offer this week than record high temperatures and Santa Ana winds.  May 12 – 18 is Bike Week LA 2014! All week long, Metro is sponsoring events all around town to show the community how feasible it is to commute by bike. The week kicked off Monday with an event […]

Sunsets Over Los Angeles

Yesterday I capped off my weekend by enjoying some margaritas at La Cita to celebrate my friend, Lisa’s, birthday. I rode my bike to downtown, fighting the Santa Ana winds that flared up my allergies. Stuffiness aside, it was a beautiful day to ride bikes. The temperature was perfect and skies were clear. By the […]

There are few things more horrifying to a metro rider…

…than sitting on a bus seat and realizing it is damp. I’m going to go bathe in bleach now.

The Third Day of Hoffmas: Gualagetza

My friend, Jonah, and I were trying to figure out a place for birthday drinks and appetizers. He lives on the Southern end of K-Town, so there are many good options in between our homes. Jonah suggested his favorite Oxacan restaurant, Gualagetza, for margaritas and shrimp cocktail. Gualagetza is a unique treasure of a restaurant. […]

It Sure Is Great!

Don’t you agree?

The Dos and Don’ts of Bike Locking

A few years ago, I suggested to a friend she should use more than a cable lock for her department store bicycle.  It didn’t take long before a thief with bolt cutters made off with her bike.  She couldn’t believe someone would go through that much effort to steal something.  The truth is, it is […]

The Second Day of Hoffmas: El Compadre

El Compadre is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles for a special occasion.  I was pretty excited when my good friend, Maureen, asked me if she could take me there for a birthday dinner. Of course, we had to kick off dinner with one of El Compadre’s flaming margaritas.  Beautiful and delicious! Everything […]