They say there is no way to survive in Los Angeles without a car.  I beg to differ.

*     *     *

As a child in the Midwest, I always dreamed of living in a vibrant neighborhood of a big city, where I could take the subway to work in a highrise  downtown.  Today I am living out this dream in the city I love most–Los Angeles.

2013 greeted me with a new job opportunity in Downtown Los Angeles.  My new gig was just a quick hop on the subway out of Koreatown to DTLA or a quick bike ride down 7th Street.  It was becoming evident that my old Honda wasn’t really needed anymore.  After weighing the pros and cons, I said farewell to the old car and committed myself to the lifestyle of biking and taking the metro around town.

Getting around LA without a car is easier than many realize.   Here, I share my experience on how going carless is possible.  However, this blog doesn’t focus solely on getting around LA through biking, metro and rideshare services.  I also share experiences I have and sights I see that are easy to miss when you’re in a car.  To me, that is how one becomes intimate and falls in love with the city.  I will also share events and restaurants that I think are notable.

This incredible city has a soul more colorful that what can be seen through a windshield.  These are the stories of the characters I encounter, the adventures I have, the eateries I try, and my ever-growing love for this city.   This is my Los Angeles, as experienced through my tap card and bike saddle.

Stop by and visit for new posts weekly. I hope you are inspired to give the car-free lifestyle a try!

-Adriane Hoff

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  1. Love your philosophy. Moved from DC to OC a few months ago. Got around DC solely on a bike and sorely missed that in the OC sprawl. Made the move to DTLA and falling in love with the urban life all over again 🙂

    1. Welcome to DTLA! It’s such a great neighborhood for biking and taking the metro. There is so much going on too. I feel like a new restaurant or bar is opening every time I blink.

  2. I very much like your philosophy of Los Angeles.
    It’s so great here now…It has changed a lot. I would know from experience of myself living here.


    1. Thank you, Charlie! I hope you enjoy the blog. 🙂

      1. You welcome.

        If you get a chance check out my blog too. It’s mostly poetry post. But you’ll probably like it…its trippy poetry that will make you think. 🙂

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