Monthly Archives: September 2014

Car Free Day, totally eating it on the escalator, and other Monday night musings

Thanks to Katya Duft at the Tales from the Bus blog, I’m learning that today was Car-Free Day.  Boy, am I a little late to the game! Of course, I celebrated without even realizing the occasion, but every day is a car-free day for me.  I wonder if word got around, and if others got […]

Army of Smells

I’ve been getting migraine headaches for over 20 years, and man do they suck.  For me, strong scents will trigger and exacerbate them.  I felt one beginning to creep up this afternoon.  I cut out of work early to seal myself in a dark room with some medicine. Before today, I never noticed each individual […]

A Sad Day at the Standard Hotel

Moments ago, someone fell off the roof of the Standard Hotel. They are still on the sidewalk covered in a sheet. Such a horrible thing. I work across the street and everyone in the office is rattled by it. Update: it was confirmed to be a suicide. Too sad. Today flowers have been set outside […]

All Aboard! The Choo-Choo Zoo is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

How easy is it to get to the Los Angeles County Fair without driving?  These super adorable farm animals show us just how easy it is! Farmers brought two sheep and a chicken for a ride on the Metrolink from Union Station to the LA County Fairgrounds off the San Bernardino Line to show commuters […]

New Law–Give Bikes 3 Feet

On September 16th, a new law will go into effect that requires motorists to give a minimum of three feet of space when passing a bicyclist.  If no space is available, the driver must slow down and pass when the coast is clear.  The previous law required motor vehicles to keep a “safe distance.”  Fines […]

Metro Fare Increases Are Coming!

Load up those TAP cards, Metro riders–fare increases are coming! On September 15th, a new fee schedule will go into place.  The base fare for regular passengers will increase to $1.75, an increase of a quarter.  Day passes will increase a couple bucks to $7.  30-day passes take a big hit, increasing to $100.  One […]