Merry Belated Christmas!

I hope you are having a beautiful holiday season!  For me personally, it’s hard to get in the holiday season.  I’m originally from Milwaukee, and my family, by and large, still lives in the Midwest.  And it just doesn’t seem like Christmas when I’m enjoying the beautiful 80 degree weather.  But with that said, I don’t feel sad not to be in Wisconsin this time of year.  It would be great to be with my family, but I suppose I can’t have both the family and the beautiful weather!

I spent my Christmas with my good friends and bike enthusiasts, Patty and Joe.  They live near the Fairfax district, which made for a perfect five-mile bike ride to their place.  My route took me down the Bike Boulevard (4th St.) for much of the way, then cutting up north to 2nd via McCadden (one block east of Highland).

Hancock Park is nestled between our neighborhoods, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods to bike or go on a late night walk.  On the holiday there was even less vehicle traffic than normal and provided for beautiful scenery.  I think I encountered less than ten cars on my ride to their house, and even fewer on the ride home.  When riding at night in this picturesque neighborhood, just be sure you have good lights!  The street lamps won’t be a big help for you.Image

A picturesque, summer-like day on Christmas in Hancock Park


Patty and Joe’s beautiful Christmas tree

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