Safety Improvements Needed on Oxford Avenue in Koreatown

For a residential side street, Oxford Avenue has become increasingly dangerous.  It runs parallel with Western Avenue and is frequently used by motorists to avoid the congestion and stoplights on Western.  This results in motorists who speed and don’t respect the stop signs.  Recently pedestrians have been hit by cars on Oxford at 5th and 8th streets.

I frequently bike down 5th street and I dread encountering the four-way stop sign at Oxford.  I’ve had too many close calls with impatient or distracted drivers.  Safety improvements are desperately needed to Oxford Avenue.

In this video I created for my Neighborhood Council campaign, I address one improvement that would help with the speed factor.  The City of LA will soon be accepting applications for speed humps to be installed on certain streets.  Oxford Avenue would be the perfect candidate for this.  Once I’m elected to Wilshire-Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council, I will apply for this safety improvement and will follow up with City Councilmembers Herb Wesson and Mitch O’Farrell to make sure this gets done.

If you’re a stakeholder of Wilshire Center/Koreatown, please vote on April 4th!  The election is from 2-8pm at Seoul International Recreation Center.


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