I’m Running for Public Office!

Yes, it’s true! I’m officially running for a board seat as an At-Large Resident Representative of the Wilshire-Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council. I’ve decided it’s time to take my advocacy work to the Council to make a direct impact on my community.

Koreatown is a unique neighborhood in LA—it’s situated at the junction of several rail and bus lines.  It’s one of the most walkable places in our city.  There are so many restaurants and shops that can be explored.  I want to exploit Ktown’s unique traits to promote alternative modes of transportation. And with this, I want to fix the dangerous conditions that cars cause for the neighborhood. I would like to see controlled bike lanes and stronger enforcement of cars that break laws like running red lights and driving in the bus lanes.

I will fight for our homeless neighbors to find permanent and ethical solutions to the epidemic.  The temporary shelters are not enough.  We need to have more permanent shelters and low income housing. I will also work to keep folks in their homes who are at risk for homelessness.  I will also put pressure on developers and City Hall to require a certain percentage of new units to be designated as low income and market rate.

Please reach out to me with your concerns for the neighborhood.  I am here to make this neighborhood the best it can be! I’d be honored to have your vote on April 4th.

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