Thank You, Metro and LASD

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about an experience at Union Station where a Metro Sheriff made a sexually harassing comment towards me.  I was blown away by the responses I received from that post.

My blog quickly made its way to Paul Gonzales, Senior Public Communications Officer for Metro.  Paul has been spearheading Metro’s campaign against sexual harassment.  Paul and I discussed measures being taken by Metro to curtail sexual harassment and its zero tolerance policy.  I later met with Paul and Captain Jennifer Bateman of the LA Sheriff’s Metro Division to further discuss the incident.  Both have been incredibly helpful throughout this.  Additionally, I learned from Captain Bateman that the person who made the comment to me is not a sworn Sheriff’s deputy, which is comforting to know.  She is investigating the incident and taking appropriate action.  I have complete confidence that Metro and LASD is taking every measure to deal with this and to prevent future ones from occurring.

I was humbled by the emails I received from readers.  So many people wrote to tell me about their experiences dealing with harassment on Metro.  It was heartbreaking to hear how many of these people felt that their power and their voice were taken from them.  They thanked me for being a voice for them and others who have been victims of harassment.

Thank you again, Metro and the LA Sheriff’s Department, particularly Paul Gonzales and Captain Jennifer Bateman.  I am grateful for the responsiveness and concern that I have received.  To the readers who reached out to me, thank you for your stories and the strength it took to share them.  You still have a voice, and it is louder than ever when we band together.  With everyone working together, we can curtail this problem.


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