The First Day of Hoffmas: Ktown Night Market

As soon as I heard that the Ktown Night Market was debuting on my birthday weekend, I knew I had to make that part of the festivities.  This fantastic two-night event showcased some of the greatest vendors and food that my neighborhood has to offer.  How could it get any better?

I headed to the event, which was held at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools (for those history buffs out there, this school sit where the the Ambassador Hotel once stood, the location of Robert Kennedy’s assassination), with my friend, Skippy.  We arrived shortly after 7:00 and the line for entry was wrapped around the block.  Luckily, it moved pretty quick.  Thank goodness–we were hungry and the smell of all the great food was driving us crazy!

Nearly right after we entered, someone handed me an adorable Tokidoki fan.  What a cool souvenir!  It’s got a badass babe on one side, and vampire lips on the other.

Thanks for the cool Tokidoki fan!

Thanks for the cool Tokidoki fan!

My kisses may be sweet, but they may also be lethal.

My kisses may be sweet, but they may also be lethal.

Skippy and I made our way through the dense crowd.  We took a peek at all of the food vendors while planning our attack strategy.  The place was so packed with long lines.  However, we discovered that the furthest row of vendors had no lines.  We met up with our friends Christie, Joe and Candice and then got some food.  As long as we stuck with the back row of vendors, we were able to walk right up. to get our grub.  Talk about Korean food heaven!

Such incredible noodles!

Such incredible noodles!

Our group perched along a stairwell with other patrons to enjoy our delicious bounty.  As I was putting a hurt on my bowl of noodles in broth, I heard a guy mumble, “this had better be worth it,” as he picked up his ramen burger.  We heard later that the line for the ramen burgers was over two hours long.  Two hours!?  Sir, I hope it was worth it too.  Personally, I couldn’t imagine it would be.  When I get impatient and frustrated, food no longer tastes good.  Thank you very much, but I’ll try a ramen burger once the fad has died down.  In the meantime, I’ll gladly take a chicken skewer and some steamed dumplings.

I have a ferocious sweet tooth (as depicted above), so I fell in love with IOTA Brew Cafe’s ice cream macaron sandwiches and peach iced tea.  The macarons were just light and sweet enough for an after dinner treat.  I have never been to IOTA’s brick and mortar restaurant, located on Western near 6th st., but after checking out their menu it may be a brunch destination this weekend.

The Night Market also featured carnival games, entertainment and non-food vendors.   The vendor that gets the most clever name award goes to KRAP: Koreans Representing Amazing Products. opposed to 'crap.'

Not to be mistaken for ‘crap.’

The only criticism I had of the Ktown Night Market was that no outside beverages were allowed inside.  I should have expected this, as that tends to be a standard for most events.  However, I couldn’t find a single place where I could easily get a bottle of water.  On our walk to the night market, Skippy and I stopped at a store to get bottles of water.  We had to toss them after only taking a couple sips.  Most of the food vendors didn’t sell water.  As delicious as the peach iced tea was, I drank more of them than I would have liked because it was easier to obtain than water.  It would have been great if there were booths set up near the entrance and throughout the market that sold only water.  With large crowds, warm weather and close quarters, it’s vital that people stay hydrated.  Hopefully the organizers make water more accessible for the next Night Market.

All in all, the Ktown Night Market was great.  I love events that bring the community together and expose me to new things.  I had a great time trying new, local eateries with my foodie friends.  It has sparked even more desire in me to explore the vast cuisine of the neighborhood I love, the neighborhood I’m so lucky to call my home.  I can’t wait for the next Ktown Night Market.

Visit the Ktown Night Market website here:

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