CicLAVia: Iconic Wilshire Blvd. – 4/6/2014

CicLAvia–one of my favorite events in Los Angeles!  Today’s event was Los Angeles’ ninth installment of the car-free event.  Wilshire Blvd. was closed to vehicle traffic from Miracle Mile to the Financial District.  Thousands turned out with bicycles, skateboards and roller blades.  There were several designated walking areas for those who wanted to enjoy the festivities on foot.  Throughout the route, several hubs were set up with food trucks, water stations, and neighborhood vendors.

This go-around, I was only planning on participating in the walking portion of CicLAvia.  I’ve been dealing with some him pain lately, so I’ve been trying to go easy to get it to heal.  As I was walking to the Koreatown hub, I saw dozens of bikers rolling past.  Pain or not, I couldn’t let my favorite community bicycle event go on without being on a bike myself!  I headed home to get my bike, took some Motrin, and rode west on Wilshire towards Miracle Mile.

Image                                   Cyclists and volunteers gather near the Miracle Mile Hub.  Selfie time!

Since Wilshire is a busy street without bike lanes, I don’t think I’ve ever biked down it before.  It was really cool seeing the art deco architecture a bit closer.  This street holds so much history that just blows past from a car or bus.


Above, a traffic break in the CicLAvia route at Wilshire Blvd. near Western Ave.

After a quick pause at the Miracle Mile hub to get some more water, I turned around toward Koreatown.  The Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council (“WCKNC”) were set up near the corner of Wilshire and Vermont to host some fun events and hand out some neighborhood swag.  They were hosting a Choco-Pie eating contest.  For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to participate.  I wasn’t close to being a winning contender, but some may argue that nobody wins when they’re consuming as many pastries in their mouth as possible.  At least I scored a sweet WCKNC fanny pack and tote bag for my efforts!

Image                             Participants eat as many Choco-pies as they can in three minutes.  19 was the magic number!

Image                                        One heck of a participation award, I’d have to say!

Despite how disgusting I felt for chowing down seven Choco-Pies, I decided to continue east to check out the DTLA portion of the route.  Although I normally take 7th Street, this is a very similar route I take to get to work.  It felt great to be able to share it only with fellow cyclists without having to breath the fumes from cars.

Image                                   Cyclists walk their bikes in the mandatory dismount area near the One Wilshire Hub.

Image                                       Look at all those poor people stuck in their cars.  If only they knew all the fun they were missing!

Image                                        The Goodyear Blimp knew that CicLAvia was the place to be!


  1. Love this post. So cool that you participated.

    1. Thanks! CicLAvia combines two of my favorite things: cycling and getting closer to the community.

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