“You Keep Up Well”

As a cyclist, many of the people I date tend to be as well. I think that’s great. Having a common interest is always a great thing. Plus, rides are more fun with company.

However, time and time again, guys will say the same thing to me towards the end of our ride: “You keep up well.” It hadn’t been one it two guys, but nearly everyone with whom I’ve had a cycling date.

Now why would there be any question on whether I’m able to keep up with my riding partner? I cycle frequently and take it fairly seriously. Of course, that is information the date already knows. So why were my abilities ever doubted?

This statement is a backhanded compliment, at best. Would these gentlemen say this comment to a new male cyclist friend after their first ride? Probably not. His abilities would most likely not be doubted in the least. A female rider’s abilities should not be questioned either.

Fellas, take this a public service announcement. Be thrilled another cyclist lady is willing to share a ride with you. Compliment her as you would any other date, but not in a way that expresses your surprise in her abilities. Us cycling girls are too independent and strong-willed for that nonsense.

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