Tamale Fest at Olvera Street – 12/15/2013

Sunday was one of those beautiful days that make a gal grateful to live in Southern California.  It was about 80 degrees, yet didn’t have the muggy heat of the summer months.  Perfect for a bike ride and some Mexican food!

My friends, Patty and Joe, and I rode our bikes to Olvera Street for a tamale festival.  It was my first time trying a strawberry tamale.  I don’t think I need to have another one.  It certainly wasn’t bad, but I’d prefer other sweet treats.

Olvera Street is such a magical place to me.  It’s the oldest part of Los Angeles, and you can feel it.  There is so much soul, culture and history.  Everything was decked out for the holidays and we were fortunate enough to witness a beautiful sunset.ImageImageImageImage

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