Bikesharing in Washington DC

On a recent trip to Washington DC, I decided to try out the bikeshare program as a way to check out the monuments.

I was staying near East Market, which was the ideal neighborhood for the car-free traveler.  Taking the subway from the airport to my Airbnb was a cinch, and there was a hub for Capitol Bikes (the District’s bikeshare service) next to the station.

Renting a bike was hassle free.  I was able to get a 24-hour visitor pass for only $8 at the kiosk.  I was given a five-digit code that can be used to unlock any bike at a hub during this time frame.  I simply entered that code and the bike unlocked.  Easy!

I was lucky to be in DC during a day with perfect weather, which made riding from one monument to the next a joy.  My time was limited in this city, and having a bike helped me maximize my time.

I was happy to see how many people of all walks of life were also taking advantage of the bikeshare system.  Many others, even people in suits and business attire, rode their own biked all over the city.  Cheers to you, DC, for embracing bike culture!

I highly recommend taking advantage of the Capitol Bikes bikesharing program on your next visit to Washington DC.  It’s the fun, easy, and affordable way to get around.

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