Why I Marched in Women’s March Los Angeles, Part 3: First Amendment Rights

I believe it was not a coincidence that the authors of the Constitution gave the 1st Amendment top billing. Our right to free speech, a free press, and right to assemble are the backbone of what makes us a great nation.   
I’ve been appalled by how our new president regards the press and those who speak against him. It goes against our core values as a nation and is flat out wrong. This has compelled me to flex my 1st Amendment muscle. I knew I had to participate in the Women’s March Los Angeles because I still can protest legally. 

By early afternoon, my friends and I were getting hungry. Dissenting sure does work up an appetite! We headed towards Little Tokyo in hopes of finding a spot for lunch that wasn’t as crowded. I was still carrying my sign which read NASTY WOMAN AGAINST THE MOLESTER IN CHIEF. A man walking by on the sidewalk pointed at me and said something to me that threw me off guard. 

You don’t know if that’s true! You should be careful about what you say. You can get arrested for that! 

The man continued walking in the other direction, and I turned to my friends, dumbfounded. 

“He didn’t ask me that in an ironic sort of way, did he?” 

Everyone agreed that this man meant what he said. 

The protest sign that caused a bit of a stir!

Now, it’s true that I haven’t seen our president grab a woman by the pussy with my own eyes. But we all heard the recordings of him bragging about doing so, and getting away with it because he’s rich. We also have numerous women accusing him of sexual assault. I tend to take the side of the victim in situations like this, andI don’t think anyone could ignore such a large group of people who have made accusations. So yes, I will go so far as to say our president is a molester and feel confident that it’s a true statement.

And no, I cannot get arrested for a protest sign. Even if the person who is now in power wants to silence all those who speak against him, I won’t go away quietly. I will make my voice louder than ever.

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