Metro Bike Share Opens July 7th

Roll ’em out!

In a highly anticipated launch, Metro will be rolling out its bike share service on July 7th with 65 stations scattered throughout DTLA.

They system is easy to use.  Users can sign up and register their TAP cards here for the bike share system.  Tap the card against the dock to unlock the bike, and return it to the nearest station once you are done.

The cost of the bike share system varies.  For $20 per month, users can enjoy the bike share system with unlimited rides.  $40 per year will get users an Annual Flex Pass.  This is ideal for occasional riders, as they will still have to pay $1.75 per half hour.

For now, you can only use Metro Bike Share if you have a pass.  Walk-up service will be available beginning August 1st.  Riders will be able to partake for $3.50 per half hour, so this option is only ideal for one-off usage.

The bikes are also designed to help with the last mile problem that many commuters have with getting to and from the station.  They come with a basket large enough to fit a bag of groceries, and are painted with reflective paint for night time.

Let’s get riding, LA!

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