Pictures: Golden Dragon Parade 2016 – Year of the Monkey

Chinatown was full of celebration over the weekend as revelers welcomed in the Lunar New Year.  The highlight was the annual Golden Dragon Parade.  Dragons, marching bands, and beauty queens got the crowd excited.

I took the Gold Line to the Chinatown station to enjoy the festivities.  Metro was definitely the smart way to travel to the Golden Dragon Parade.  Parking was impossible, and lots were charging a whopping $20 to park.  Car free commuting is the way to go, especially for community events!

Check out some pictures of the event below.


One of the dragons of the parade. Photo by Christian Meloa,


Photo by Christian Meola,


Photo by Christian Meola,


Photo by Christian Meola,


Photo by Christian Meola,


Photo by Christian Meola,


No, I wasn’t getting arrested! Photo by Christian Meola,


Photo by Christian Meola,

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