Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Weekend: Part Three

Happy Friday, dear readers!  We made it through the week, and if you’re anything like me you’re kicking off your weekend by eating a personal sized pizza on the couch (don’t judge me).  After all the fun last weekend with Halloween and Dia de los Muertos celebrations, I’m ready to keep this weekend low key.

This post closes out my three-part series of the fun stuff I did last weekend for the holidays.  Let’s face it, the fun knows how to find me (which is why I’m hiding in my apartment tonight disguised as a boring person about to doze off on her pizza crusts), and it would be a shame if I kept all that excitement to myself.  Day three ended with a bang at the Dia de los Muertos festivities at Olvera Street.

I rode my bike to Olvera Street with my friends, Patty and Joe.  The rain earlier in the weekend provided for clean, crisp air, which made for a nice ride.  The bike ride from Koreatown to Olvera Street is one of my favorites.  It’s a manageable distance with just enough hills to get your blood pumping.

Once we got to Olvera Street, we locked up and met up with our friends, Ashley and Pete.  We got in line for a table at Las Anitas.  The line moved much quicker than we thought it would, and we were seated in about a half hour.  The salsa here is something else.  I would have eaten the entire bowl of it if my mouth didn’t start burning.  The tables side guacamole and Sepulveda enchiladas were nothing short of amazing.  The restaurant is filled with historic beauty and has great ambiance.  Check out Las Anitas’ website here to see their full menu and learn about the history of the restaurant, which has been located at Olvera Street since 1947.

Once we were all well fed, we headed towards the central plaza to check out the alters.  There were some really beautiful and touching ones on display.  Dancers performed traditional dances in beautiful, vibrant costumes.  The festivities closed out with a procession that went all throughout Olvera Street.

Check out some photos of Sunday night at Olvera Street below.  All pictures taken by the talented Joe Tomaszewski.

10456237_322639697922886_3343971207666526021_n DdlM2 DdlM3 DdlM4 DdlM5 DdlM6 DdlM7 DdlM8 DdlM9 DdlM11 DdlM12 ddlm13

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