New Law–Give Bikes 3 Feet

On September 16th, a new law will go into effect that requires motorists to give a minimum of three feet of space when passing a bicyclist.  If no space is available, the driver must slow down and pass when the coast is clear.  The previous law required motor vehicles to keep a “safe distance.” 

Fines for violating this law is $35, and $220 if a collision occurs.

The California Bicycle Coalition, or CalBike, is getting out the word about the new law.  They’ve designed stickers and window decals for drivers to show support to cyclists and raise awareness to other motorists.  Get your stickers and decals here.


Having an open-ended term like “safe distance” can cause a lot of room for interpretation.  What is a safe distance, and in what situation?  It’s good that now we are going to have that defined to three feet.

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