World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles 2014

If you’re going to be milling around DTLA or Echo Park this Saturday, don’t be shocked if you see hundreds of naked cyclists rolling by.  June 14th will be the annual World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles.  According to WNBR LA’s website, the ride is a protest against “indecent exposure to cars and the  pollution they create,” all with a body-positive spin.  Don’t worry about getting a citation during this event–the LAPD have agreed not to issue indecent exposure tickets to participants of WNBR LA.

Participants must register here in order to get the secret meet-up spot before the ride.  The festival begins at 12:00 with a 2:30 roll-out.  The pre-party will include body painting and other festivities.  Anyone with a human-powered vehicle can participate.  Nudity is optional, but a body-positive, non-sexual attitude is required.


Now to answer the question I know you’re all dying to ask: Adriane, will you be participating in WNBR LA?  I’m not sure yet, and in what capacity, but I do assure you I will not be naked (just think of the chaffing!).  I do love community events that encourage biking or metro use, and I also appreciate the ‘love your body’ message as well.  However, I fear the message behind the event would fall on deaf ears throughout the greater community.  In years past, participants were verbally assaulted as they rode.   I think about bystanders snapping pictures from a distance for their own personal use.  Personally, I love the concept of people taking over the streets on their bikes while making a bold statement about being comfortable in ones own skin.  However, I don’t think society is ready for it.  I suppose it never will if the envelop isn’t pushed.

For more info and to RSVP, check out WNBR LA’s website.

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