Viva La Bolt Bus

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to Las Vegas with a group of friends. We did Vegas on a shoestring budget, especially when it came to our transportation options.

I never heard of Bolt Bus until I was invited to join my friends for the weekend. It is a Greyhound service that connects nearby major cities with non-stop bus service at low fares.

Of course, I was instantly sold. My fare each way was $24 and $26, respectively. The seats were more comfortable and spacious that I was expecting. Wifi is available on the bus and power outlets are at every seat. Sure, not every power outlet worked and the wifi signal was weak, but A for effort!

Using Bolt Bus couldn’t have been more convenient. We were picked up at Union Station in downtown. The signage to point out the exact pickup spot wasn’t very good, so we went to the wrong spot. Even the most savvy metro riders like ourselves would think the bus plaza would be the logical spot! After that little hiccup, we found our bus and loaded with ease (the pickup location is in front of Union Station, FYI). Six hours later, we were dropped off at the Plaza Hotel on Freemont Street, just across from where we were staying.

As much as I appreciated everyone in my group being able to relax throughout the ride, I think it would have been best in this case if we drove. Once all five of us paid roughly $50 in fare, gas prices and valet charges would have still been less expensive. Additionally, we would have had the luxury of making frequent rest stops.

I would recommend Bolt Bus for solo travelers. Fare for one is a fraction of the price of an airline ticket or gas money for driving. Even though I had obnoxious neighbors on the ride home, it was nice to put in my headphones and doze off.

I would like to see more expansion of Bolt Bus service. Right now, Los Angeles is only connected to San Francisco, Oakland and Las Vegas. Connections to Phoenix or San Diego would be great. Hopefully enough demand can make that happen!


Fun times on the Bolt Bus!

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