BUSted! May Edition

If you’re a frequent visitor here at Hoff the Beaten Path (you really oughta be!), you know I’m a big fan of Scott Schultz’s storytelling series BUSted! True Stories About Getting Around LA by People Who Don’t Drive.

Scott features some of the most incredible storytellers in LA sharing stories of their experiences with transit and biking around town.  Anyone can talk about what they did and saw on the metro, but it takes more talent to make listeners feel like they are experiencing those stories themselves.  These are the types of storytellers you will hear.

Scott invited me to join BUSted last month as a featured storyteller.  It was a blast!  I was going to be a storyteller again at this month’s event, but alas, Punk Rock Bowling only happens once a year and it’s all the way out in Vegas (which reminds me, I ought to be packing).  If you are going to be in town this Memorial Day weekend, I highly recommend you check it out on Saturday at StoriesLA Books and Cafe in Echo Park.

Check out the BUSted! event page:







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