If you are in Los Angeles tonight…

…Go outside.  Do something  outdoors.  Anything!

Tonight is one of those beautifully warm nights.  It has the warmth of late July, but with the clean winter sky.  I decided to take the long way home from work tonight and enjoy a walk in the evening air.  When I got home, I cracked open a beer and ventured to the roof.  “Wow,” I gasped, as I saw the city before me.

I have an incredible view of DTLA from my roof (as you can see from my cover photo).  I’ve seen this view a thousand times, but this time it really took my breath away.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the night sky so clear in Los Angeles.  The full moon cast a blue glow across everything.  Constellations I forgot from my childhood twinkled above me.  The city appeared so bright and alive.

Now go outside.  Now!  Make some magic tonight.

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