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Metro Announces Expo 2 Line Extension Opening Date

Mark your calendars!  Metro will officially open the second phase of the Expo Line on Friday, May 20.  The new extension will connect “Grand to the Sand,”completing a 15-mile rail project that connects Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica. Metro CEO Phil Washington announced on Thursday that the seven new stations of the extension will […]

I Took a Sneak Peek Train Ride on the Gold Line Extension

Metro invited me, along with Metro Board Members and members of the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority, to take a sneak peak train ride on the Gold Line Foothill Extension before its March 5th opening. We took the ride on the new Kinkisharyo trains.  The ride was the smoothest I’ve felt on any […]

Has anyone seen these before?

About a week ago, I moved to Northeast LA (more on that later). Of course, I’m now taking new buses and trains to get home. I am fortunate to be able to choose between several different bus lines to get home from work, all of which pick up near Pershing Square at Hill & 5th […]

Stranger Danger in Koreatown

This afternoon, I was made aware of a series of four attacks that have occurred to women in apartment buildings throughout Koreatown. Eek! The first attack was in early November, with the most recent one occurring on December 30th.  The assailant robbed all his victims, and sexually assaulted one of them. Today the LAPD released […]

Hoff the Beaten Path – Now on Instagram and Twitter

Finally!  I am bringing Hoff the Beaten path to Twitter and Instagram.  Follow me on both sites to keep up with my sights and experiences through green commuting in LA. Follow me on Twitter @hoffbeatenpath or on Instagram @hoffthebeatenpath.

New Law–Give Bikes 3 Feet

On September 16th, a new law will go into effect that requires motorists to give a minimum of three feet of space when passing a bicyclist.  If no space is available, the driver must slow down and pass when the coast is clear.  The previous law required motor vehicles to keep a “safe distance.”  Fines […]

BUSted! Storytelling Event – 7/26/2014

One of my favorite events is coming up–BUSted! Scott Schultz, storytelling wizard and friend of Hoff the Beaten Path, produces and hosts the evening filled with tales of getting around LA without a car. While most of the storytellers focus on bus and metro stories, this month is featuring a one from the Los Angeles […]