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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t have a valentine yet? Don’t fret, my chocolate-covered lovelies! Metro’s got your back. This morning you can participate in speed dating on the red line! Hurry, as registration begins at 10:30 pst (ten minutes from now!). Unfortunately blogging doesn’t pay the bills, so I’ll be at my corporate job earning my paycheck when this […]

When running for the bus, how do you ensure the driver won’t leave without you?

Be sure to run for the bus in the lane if traffic in which it is traveling. You know it won’t go anywhere if you’re blocking it! Don’t try this at home, kids. Or on the street.

True Love

Yesterday I was on the purple line heading to work.  Sitting across from me was a lesbian couple and their young daughter, who was in a stroller.  By watching this couple interacting I could see they had a deep and beautiful love for one another, the sort of love that will withstand the test of […]

It is only 9:30 am…

…and this dude cracks open a Budweiser and chugs it on the bus. I see another guy at a stop sipping a Colt 45. I’m starting to think I’m doing it wrong by starting my day with a smoothie and black tea!