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Sunsets Over Los Angeles

Yesterday I capped off my weekend by enjoying some margaritas at La Cita to celebrate my friend, Lisa’s, birthday. I rode my bike to downtown, fighting the Santa Ana winds that flared up my allergies. Stuffiness aside, it was a beautiful day to ride bikes. The temperature was perfect and skies were clear. By the […]

This Weekend: Giving the Streets Back to Foot and Bike Traffic

If you live or play anywhere near Mid City, do yourself a solid and abandon your car this weekend.  Giant portions of major throughways throughout Los Angeles will be shut down for special events.  This means massive headaches for drivers.  Expect delays that make you with the President was in town. Saturday, the Hollywood Half […]

Broadway’s Proposed Facelift

Downtown has undergone some rapid changes.  I’ve been in LA for nearly seven years now.  Back then, DTLA seemed to me to be a dismal place.  Maybe that was in large part just my perception, but nobody will deny that the gentrification bug has bitten hard.  I believe there are always pros and cons to […]